Tamper Proof Labels

Prevent All Forms of Tampering Before They Occur

Tamper proof labels are an important line of defense for your company against theft, destruction or other forms of exploitation of your product or your customers.

Many restaurants and grocery stores have had to transform their operations to accommodate increased takeout and delivery orders. With the change in consumer preference, accelerated by the pandemic, came a new challenge that many in the industry have had to address: how to get food into the hands of the customer without tampering, theft or other manipulation.

Using tamper proof or tamper evident labels or stickers is a great way to prevent product tampering. When applied to your packaged up foods, you can feel confident that the food has not been touched by your employees, other customers or the delivery person who will take the food to its final destination. The customer knows the food is safe to eat and that all items that went into the bag at the restaurant have remained in the bag until they have opened it. In a business where the relationship with the customer is critical, there are few things more important than ensuring the safety, quality and integrity of the product delivered.

Custom Tamper Proof Labels

With countless custom label dies to choose from, Labelmart can build you a customized tamper proof label to fit your specific application. We can print up to 8 colors to add text, logos or any other custom graphics to help your labels stand out and discourage unwanted access to your products.

Custom Branded Labels for Promotional Power

Create a custom tamper proof label with your brand’s graphics, logo and color scheme for additional promotional power. Labelmart’s robust printing capabilities allow us to put your logo or graphics on each label, making it clear where the delivery came from and makes a connection with the customer. Make everyone’s mouth water as your food is delivered to your customer’s table.

Custom Printed Labels for Specific Applications

Not all applications require the same type of label, let alone the same wording or graphics. Some applications require custom text, icons, graphics and more to communicate any number of things to the customer, delivery person, or employee. Whether its instructions for opening or closing the tamper proof label, how to prepare or store the food inside for optimal consumption, or some other unique application specific to your product, we can customize your labels in a variety of ways.

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Labelmart can likely address your unique tamper proof label needs. Our team of label experts are ready to assess your needs and provide pricing guidance quickly. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to get your labels from Labelmart. 

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