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Labelmart is a Full-Service Label Manufacturer in the Midwest

Labelmart is a full-service manufacturer specializing in high-quality custom prime printed labels, tags, decals, product identification, and more. We work with a wide variety of materials and print thousands of shapes and sizes for just about any industry in the marketplace today. Proudly made in the USA.

Doing Business With Labelmart

The Labelmart team is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality labels for small, mid-size and large businesses.

We’ll not only deliver an eye-catching product that dazzles but also provide flexibility, exceptional high-touch customer service, experienced and innovative problem-solving abilities, quick turns, and we accept smaller MOQ’s than other larger label manufacturers.

We’re here to help you tell your story by tailoring our capabilities to fulfill your unique needs. We provide custom labels that best represent and showcase your products.

Wondering whether we could accommodate your project needs? Simply ask. It’s very likely we can.


We Deliver Solutions

Creative Labeling Solutions Help Retailers Solve Merchandising Challenges

Products go through a lot of wear and tear from manufacturing through the supply chain and eventually into the hands of the customer. Whether it is being handled by customers or your staff during restocking, products need to be durable enough to withstand this beating long enough to survive the full supply chain and through the full lifecycle of the product’s use by the consumer. Labels are no different. Every product needs a label of some kind for branding, to relay product information or pricing, or to provide other instruction to the consumer. High-quality and creative labeling solutions are a simple way to avoid critical merchandising and customer service pitfalls created by subpar packaging.

Read our take on why great product labeling matters

Creative Labeling Solutions | Hang Tags for the Automotive Industry
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Labels, stickers, decals or tags- you name it and we can deliver across a wide breadth of industries. How can we help you?

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With an on-site design team as your partner, we’ll work with you to understand your unique label needs to deliver the best possible product.
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Our core leadership team has more than 30 years of experience in the labeling business. Here’s our take on industry trends and developments.