We Offer a Wide Range of Labeling Materials

Choosing the right  materials for your labels is critical to avoid ineffective labeling or even damaged product. When selecting your materials, you must consider if you must meet certain compliance standards, the type of product, environmental characteristics like temperature, light or acidity, how long the label will be used, how the label will be use and many more factors. With so many options and endless factors to consider to ensure your labels perform as intended, selecting materials can be a daunting and exhausting task.

Luckily, Labelmart’s team of labeling experts have a comprehensive knowledge of the various materials for all types of labeling solutions. We are ready to help you find the solution right for you and deliver high quality product quickly.

Labeling Materials

Types of Labeling Materials

Paper Labels


Paper labels offer a few advantages over film based labels. Paper is typically a more cost effective material and it offers higher end print quality. Like film labels, we can offer a variety of stock colors and robust printing capabilities to design and deliver best in class labels for your products or other applications. However, paper labels are less durable than film labels and are only recommended for shorter term uses in gentle environments. 

Polyester Labels


Polyester labels are a film-based label that is tough enough to withstand harsh conditions and resist tears, scratches and other forms of degradation. Labelmart offers a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors on polyester based labels.

Polypropylene Labels


Polypropylene labels are another form of film-based label. It is the most commonly used of all the labeling materials and is fairly cost-effective.  Labelmart offers a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors on polypropylene based labels. 

Labelmart can also produce Vinyl labels, another film-based solution that offer higher stretch and flexibility than other options. Vinyl labels are very durable and can be used in outdoor applications.