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How Can UPC Labels Help Grow Your Business?

October 6, 2022
By Ben Kaplan and Scott Kornblatt



UPC labels are sometimes brushed aside as just being a necessary tool to for logistics and inventory. In reality, today’s next-generation labels can be more than a simple business approach to save valuable time and money. UPC labels serve the purpose of transferring product information via specially designed scanners. Before the introduction of the barcoding system, the system of inventory keeping was based on clerks whose job was to list the products manually. There are a plethora of benefits of UPC labels that can enhance a business’s outlook on the future. These codes eliminate human error and can reduce training time, are inexpensive, versatile, have more accurate data, and have better workplace efficiency.


This article takes a closer look at how exactly UPC labels are used to help a company grow.


1.    Eliminates the possibility of human error– UPC labels can completely eliminate the slightest possibility of human error. Without these labels, data is entered manually, making it easier for anyone to enter incorrect information this risk is very high when you are manually entering the data compared to using UPC labels. A UPC scan is fast, captures reliable data, and takes far less time to record than entering by hand. Using UPC codes cancels human error. With all the benefits and the elimination of human error, why would a business want to go back to manual data entry? 


2.     Inexpensive to design and print off– Surprisingly, when it comes to designing and printing, UPC labels are extremely budget friendly.. It’s easy to make your brand stand out with UPC codes that feature multiple design options, finishes and materials; even some with your company logo. Regardless of their native purpose, these cost-effective asset labels are very economical compared to more expensive options like spreadsheets (where data is manually entered).


3.    Enhanced workplace efficiency– With the help of UPC identification labels, workplace efficiency can improve greatly. These labels make tracking all types of inventory possible and as accurate as it can be. When inventory levels are managed more efficiently without any hassle, the result is lower overhead. With a more efficient system in place, equipment tracking is easier, saving time spent searching for a specific piece of equipment.


4.     Reduces Employee Training Time: Use of a UPC labeling system can cut employee training time in half. It is very convenient and easy to learn how to train with barcodes versus training a resource to manually enter data. With the help of a handheld scanner, employees can read barcodes and don’t need to be familiar with the entire inventory of a warehouse. This reduction in training time minimizes training expenses. This allows employees to perform their normal tasks with ease and less training; getting up to speed on systems quickly and with less effort.


5.     Faster Data Retrieval: With UPC labels, data can be obtained faster than exploring manually entered data. The information collected by scanning UPC labels is typically transmitted directly to your company’s central computer and stored until you need to access it. Instead of having to search through hundreds of thousands of files to find the manually entered data, with UPC, you can access information almost immediately. This means that less data will go missing and the quick turnaround is more efficient for everyone.


The perks of using a UPC labeling system for your business are endless. They provide quicker data, improve overall workplace efficiency, save time and money, and can be used for a variety of different applications within your organization. Both inexpensive and user-friendly, UPC labels provide an indispensable tool for tracking a wide range of data and specific information for applications that make your workplace run smoother than ever before.

Moreover, UPC labels can be attached to any kind of surface, be it paper, plastic, glass, wood, or metal. These codes are extremely versatile and adaptable. You can create custom barcodes to best fit your numbering and inventory system and use them for any kind of business and data collection. From pricing to inventory, and everything in between, UPC labels are the right choice for your business in terms of growth moving forward.