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Has Someone Been Eating Your French Fries?

July 15, 2021
By Ben Kaplan and Scott Kornblatt

Protecting your food and beverage integrity with tamper proof labels.

Restaurants have experienced a dramatic growth in dine out demand over the last year due to the pandemic. Those with the ability to accommodate the shift in consumer preference have benefited in a big way. However, some restaurants and consumers are dealing with a new problem: Food and beverage integrity during the pickup or delivery window. So how do you know if someone has been eating your french fries before your food arrives? The use of tamper proof labels can help you protect every delicious bite and preserve food and beverage integrity.

If balancing work and personal life is a challenge, the pandemic likely made it even more complicated. One challenge that we all faced was where and how we were going to feed our families. Unless you are a chef by profession, the answer for most was a heavy reliance on take out and delivery options. Although this helped us save time, and of course avoid exposure during the health crisis, it also created a new challenge for restaurants and consumers alike: how can we be certain that our food wasn’t tampered with between preparation and arriving on our tables?

The Shift To Take Out And Delivery

Take out and delivery was always a part of the business strategy of many restaurants, groceries stores and other food service venues. When a global pandemic forced businesses around the world to shut their doors, everyone had to figure out how to adapt. This likely meant a much greater focus on dine out options to remain in business. In fact, according to an article in QSR Magazine, between 45-55% of food service operators indicated a deliberate increase in resources spent on expanding offsite dining services. For the businesses that were able to pivot successfully, they found that they could support a viable business with this new way of food service, but it resulted in new challenges that they were unfamiliar with and unequipped to fight. One of those challenges was the use of third party delivery services, which were popular with consumers for their convenience and ease of use, but gave the restaurant little to no control over the window between food preparation and the time of delivery.

Food Delivery Package

Why Is This A Problem?

The lack of control and visibility over the window of time between food preparation and delivery created an uncertainty regarding food and beverage integrity. During this blind window, neither the food service venue nor the customer can be sure that the order was not tampered with, whether accidentally or purposely.  In the food service industry, maintaining a strong relationship with the customer is key to long term success. When a customer dines in the venue, it is much easier to control and manage that experience than it is with a delivery order. Is this something that your venue has dealt with?

The Solution

The key to resolving this issue was creating a barrier that could be easily opened by the customer, but if opened before reaching the customer it could not be resealed. Such a barrier would effectively create a system that would alert the customer if the food was opened before it was received.

Enter The Tamper Proof Label

The tamper proof label is the perfect solution to protect restaurants and their customers from this issue. They come in virtually any shape or size that you can think of to ensure a secure fit for your specific application and can be customized with printed graphics or logos to add a personal touch and promotional power. A well-made and thoughtfully crafted label can serve more than one purpose and add value to your business. Working with a label manufacturer with robust customization capabilities and a thorough understanding of how different labels perform under the conditions of your application will make the label design and purchasing process smooth and simple.

Food is a basic human necessity, but the choices available to most are numerous. Keep your customers happy and coming back by ensuring your delicious products arrive in perfect condition. Labelmart can be your shield against food integrity issues with high quality tamper proof labels.

Tamper Proof Label on a food delivery bag

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