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June 9, 2023


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The label plays the same role as the book cover plays for the book. Primarily to drive customers’ attention followed by their curiosity and convert that into their buying decision. Great labeling design should be informative, intriguing, and creative and must make the customer scream “yes” in their mind for your product. You know how a great label can help improve your brand identity. Every year, more than thirty thousand new products are launched, of which 80% of the product fall flat; I wonder why? The products remain unnoticed and often get back shelved. Therefore, rethinking your label and packaging designs is never a bad idea. Ensure your product label and packaging is captivating to the customers – research the market, and take a look at the products sold by other known brands. You will know what to do and what looks you must avoid. It is important to make your product stand out on a cluttered shelf with creative labels– especially when it’s a cosmetic, food product, or other similar items. A thoughtful showcasing can do magic for both new as well as existing products. A good label design is an important factor of product packaging – product labels must entail important details about the product, such as name, manufacturer, ingredients, nutritional components, instructions, expiration date, and warnings. Product information helps users make decisions and informs them how to use the product. Beyond providing necessary information, visual appeal, and whatnot – labels help your product stand out and drive potential buyers, it also improves brand awareness.

Research states that 81% of customers’ decision about buying a product is based on its packaging style. Bearing in mind the importance of a product’s label, crafting a premium label design is just as important.

What are the aspects that define a creative label design?

Several things go into crafting a perfect label that catches customers’ attention – offer information to make them believe that the product offers everything you are looking for…

1. Add Necessary Information: Some of the information offered on product labels are regulated, and manufacturers must fulfill these prerequisites to store their item in supermarkets, grocery stores, and retail stores. Information that gets regulated includes:

– The names and addresses of the manufacturing company, packaging and distributing company.

– Statement that identifies the name and type of the product

– Section highlighting the product’s weight. Food and drug product must have nutritional tables with common names and weights.

2. Pleasant Aesthetics: One rule when it comes to product packaging is to entail all information while maintaining simplicity. Information from the World simplest brand report revealed that 76% of buyers recommend a brand that focuses on clear and simple communication. Keeping things simple helps customers in search of a specific product to choose if yours is the right one for them. Listed below are a few things to keep in mind for a simple label design:

– Clear and readable font

– Limited color palette

– Leave white space

– Clear and concise language

– Keep the layout clean & organized

3. Make it Unique: Another factor of great packaging label design is its ability to stand out, especially when the shelf holds other products with similar features and qualities. Product packaging should have the right colors that invite the customers for a closer look. However, your choice of color and pattern should represent your product, brand, and industry. For example, green depicts security, growth, health and sustainability – making it an ideal choice for organic and skincare products. Besides, shape, color, and size drive attention to the product – unusual sizes or shapes help distinguish the product and communicate what sets your brand apart. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help your product stand out:

– Strong and memorable brand identity

– Distinguish your product

– Using compelling product copy

– Social proof

– Aesthetical and sleek packaging design

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a product’s label. Focus on readability – choose the printing method that brings you the best results. Listed below are key tips to get you started:

4. Choose the right paper: There are myriad types of materials you use for printing product labels. Your choice of the label depends on the product you are packaging. While polyethylene is an ideal choice for bottles or curved surfaces due to its flexible qualities, polyamide is ideal for electronic gadgets because of the heat resistant attributes.

5. Choose the right printing team: Label printing techniques use thermal transfer or direct thermal methods for printing – thermal printers work great by melting a ribbon and imprinting the design on the label material. This type of printing fades over time; it is ideal for products with a short shelf life. Direct thermal printing heat the labels onto the printing materials, and the design don’t fade away.

6. Scale the page & align the print: Turn off the shrink to fit or fit the page setting, and ensure the scaling is set to 100%. Printing with this approach helps preserve the image quality and allows the image to print on the surface in an accurate manner.


It could be a new product, or you are planning to give your existing product a makeover; it is important to know whether your product resonates with your consumers. You can take your customer’s feedback to work on your product label and ask the following questions to get an idea about their needs:

– If it’s your first time buying the product?

– On a scale of 0 – 10, how would you rate the packaging quality?

– Was the product visible in the supermarket?

– Did you get the necessary information?

– Feedback on packaging

This will help you understand the thoughts and needs of consumers. Do you need help from professionals with creative label design ideas? Connect with our team at Labelmart and get the best-quality labeling solutions at a great price.