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Why Product Labeling is So Important

August 1, 2020
By Ashley Stewart

Providing Information and Instructions to Consumers

Shoppers don’t blindly select just any product off the shelf. Research has continually shown that people consume with their eyes first. It doesn’t matter whether it’s food, auto parts, electronics, or health care items, having a distinct label is the first introduction consumers have with a product. For many brands, the label can be one of the most identifiable features of a package. Here are some points to explain why product labeling is so important.

Provides information

Labels help shoppers know about the contents and ingredients of a product. For food products, it’s especially important to provide details for consumers who may have health restrictions or other issues such as allergies. Listing sugar, sodium, gluten, and other ingredients allows the consumer to immediately recognize whether the food will interfere with their health in any way.

Other informative labels can serve as a guide for proper use of the product. For example, dosage for an appropriate weight or age, how often the product should be consumed, or even if it’s necessary to shake before opening. Labels also convey potential hazards, risks, or interactions. Printing such instructions on a label provides insight on how the consumer can obtain maximum effectiveness and enjoyment of the product.

Creates a brand

Brand identity is strongly tied to labels and a good one can immediately grab the attention of a customer. People become loyal to brands and often associate what they see with what they will buy. For example, they may not remember the name or the exact ingredients of the product but will know it has a green label with a red star or it has a big blue rectangle with yellow letters. In fact, studies have shown that

the colors on a label increase brand recognition by as much as 80%.

The font and message on the label will also convey important information to the consumer such as whether the item is current or looks outdated. “That’s so ‘80s” isn’t a compliment unless the product is hoping to attract a retro target audience.

Stand out from the competition

Today’s shopper has so many choices. For any product to stand a chance in the marketplace, it must stand out on crowded shelves. Labels with the right colors, shapes, and fonts can make a product pop out and not be overlooked. In addition to being attractive, an informative label can appeal to consumer concerns. For example, with a surge of interest in sustainability, brands can utilize labels to inform shoppers about eco-friendly efforts.

Ready to roll?

Research shows that 60% of shoppers are unlikely to buy a product when the label doesn’t provide enough information. This is why we believe every great product deserves a great label.

Whether you need to design (or redesign) your product label or are ready for production, Labelmart can deliver the high-quality labels you need to fit your requirements. How can we help you? Let’s have a conversation.

Doing Business With Labelmart

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