Unlocking Success with the Right Digital Labels

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February 27, 2024


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Product labeling bridges the gap between the company and its customers. It creates a visual appeal for the brand and its product range – a label’s primary function is to recognize the brand and offer important information about the product’s content, nutritional facts and other vital details. Therefore, customers rely on labels to gain information about the product. Labels serve as a physical representation, allowing your product to stand out in the marketplace. The significance of choosing the right label for your brand can be exhibited by the fact that most companies across the globe can be recognized by their logos and labels.

As a small size business or local manufacturer, finding a label supplier can be challenging – things like high order minimums, setting up time and fees and having to store extra label inventory can add up to expenses and result in inefficiencies for your business. Fret not! Labelmart is here to back you up. With our cutting-edge label press, our team brings you a range of digital label solutions. 

Digital printing – brings numerous benefits, which entail low order minimums, decreased production time, better substrate variety, and more. Digital printing offers advantages for large businesses – you can have multiple label versions printed in a short period, track inventory with variable data and bring products to market quickly.


This type of printing eliminates the need for expensive film and plates while enabling full control over top-notch printing runs. At the same time, digital printing may not be as fast as flexographic printing techniques for larger orders. This technique offers multiple benefits over traditional label printing methods and a great level of personalization.

Flexographic printing demands transferring the image to a printing surface, finally pressing the image into the labeling surface. You need one plate for each color applied on your label, which means if you require only a hundred labels, it won’t pay off using the flexographic printing technique. Taking labeling solutions into consideration for your products can appear like a challenging decision, don’t worry – connect with our professionals to make the right choice.



In many cases, digital printing turns out to be affordable. Digital printing is a substantial method for creating labels as they lower the waste produced during the printing process. Digital printing doesn’t demand the creation of plates and uses 4 times less ink. Digital label printing comes with an easy technique of printing about what you need and when you need it with minimal wastage. While offset printing and flexographic printing are considered efficient and fast – the plates and rubber blankets used for these procedures may not be required once the production finishes. Digital printing is considered more ecologically friendly than flexo-printing!

2.High-Quality for Small Order

Digital printing allows easy creation of top-notch labels. If you require printing labels with small print, multiple languages, barcodes, tight registration, QR codes and detailed artwork – digital printing solutions are the best option. Digital labels are effective for pharmaceutical labels, medical device labels, and anything that is highly sensitive if your business must fulfill strict government regulations or compliance standards that demand unique information on your label – the high-detail digital printing enables you to add all important information without sacrificing image quality.

3.Fast Turnaround Times

If your business crafts a product that demands a unique touch when it comes to labeling – a custom product label makes a perfect choice. They are much faster and easier to create via digital labeling. Digital label printing technique doesn’t require making plates or exchanging them between runs; simply updating or changing the creative file for each label and continuing printing. Digital label printing makes a company responsive to upheavals and season changes. If your brand produces new products every few months, this label printing will be ready to go as you produce your creative files for the newest labels.

4.Professional Labels for Address, Shipment & Pricing

For day-to-day purposes, labels on sheets can be used as address labels, shipping labels and pricing labels. They can be found in a variety of colors and sizes with different adhesive types. Therefore, for a classy and professional look on the labels on your product packaging, you can choose matte or glossy finishing. If you need them to be weather-proof or waterproof, you can adopt synthetic labels. They come in handy in laboratories where different kinds of chemicals need to be properly labeled for safety reasons. Labels mustn’t leave any residue so once they are removed, they don’t damage the product, and many consider removable labels due to this reason.


Understand Your Product

Before printing your label, you need to remember that it should function as intended. For instance, if you print labels for a bottled energy drink, you will want to be waterproof and adhesive. If not, your product label will be vulnerable to condensation or other forms of wear and tear.

Choose Label Material

Understanding how your product will be used helps you choose the right label type. Listed below are the most popular label materials that are widely used for digital label printing:

BOPP – These are constructed using polypropylene film, which makes them durable. These labels will withstand different levels of moisture and will be superior in tear resistance, unlike semi-gloss paper. When you require reliability and performance – BOPP labels are what you need.

Semi–gloss paper: They are extensively used and popular paper label material with a shiny finish. They perform well with intricate colors and graphics, a perfect option for economical use.

Specialty paper: Some products need a certain high-end aesthetic, such as in the wine and spirits industry. To complement these products’ price tags and to validate a legit brand, specialty papers like Wine paper, eggshell paper, linen paper, and more can be used to draw attention.

Laminate: To protect your label and its graphics, a protective lamination film can be added to your label construction. This adds more durability to your label and resistance to the elements. You will find options like matte, gloss, anti-scuff, holographic and more.

Design Your Label

While this doesn’t necessarily mean you should DIY the label; instead, share your vision and personalized version with your manufacturing company. Let the professionals create a bespoke label for your product. Add distinctive elements while maintaining consistency with the company’s established brand.

Check Your Proof

It is advised to review your proof properly upon approving your label for print production. This is the time to verify material, size and unwind directions etc. You can print your label out using your desktop printer. Make sure you are printing the document at 100% zoom for correct sizing. Once it’s out, you can cut out the label on your labeled decline and test to apply the label on your choice of application.

Consult Trusted Professionals

Professional labeling companies can modernize your product labels to meet on-going demands, enabling your business to stand out from competitors. Working with a qualified digital label manufacturing company helps boost your sales and grow your market.


Owing to the essential role played by these labels in stock & inventory and stock management, wholesalers & retailers – understand the importance of investing in quality labels. We at Labelmart have been regularly designing and helping brands like financial institutions, hospitals, schools, universities and government agencies. Connect with us to get more information on labels.