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Tips on Choosing the Right Label Solution

December 6, 2022
By Ben Kaplan and Scott Kornblatt

Labels represent information about any product – what it is made of, the price, the quantity, the license and more.

If you are reading this article, you must be wondering about choosing the right kind of label for your product. Choosing the right label solution can be overwhelming, so go through the tips mentioned below to understand better.

When you choose low-quality or wrong material for your packaging- you are putting your brand at risk of damage and missing labels. It is essential for your operations to fulfill certain compliance standards and choosing the incorrect or wrong material can lead to major issues and heavy fines. You may not know but you can reduce the overall expenses or TCO, the total cost of ownership by choosing the right printer supplies will help you deliver the best results.

At Label Mart, our team works closely with small and medium-sized manufacturers that strive to be the best and therefore, respond quickly and as per your needs. Well, let’s get started on the top-quality label solutions:

PRODUCT MOBILITY: It is advised to analyze where your products are spending their life and figure out what it’s being used for. This will help you choose the right kind of label material and printing solutions. If your product will be spending a lot of its time outside, it is important for you to choose thermal transfer material, they ensure flexibility and durability. Our team recommends the best and most sturdy thermal labels for your product that can withstand extreme conditions, are shock-proof and are lightweight.

ENVIRONMENTAL NEEDS: Along with considering the product placement situation, it is also advised to consider the environmental conditions. They play a pivotal role in helping you choose the most efficient solutions for unique applications. This means that understanding what the temperature and weather situations are like will help you choose the right kind of adhesive. In addition to that, labels often become illegible or useless from abrasion. This means that choosing label ribbons that are chemical resistant will help you deliver the best results.

LIFESPAN: The right-label solution depends a lot on your required lifespan and the environmental aspects mentioned earlier. Direct thermal material is the ideal option if your labels will be used for six months in a dry environment. In case of exposure to extreme weather, moisture, harsh chemicals and more – thermal transfer label is the best option.

SURFACE TYPE: Not all labels and adhesives are produced equally. The surface material impacts what will be the best for you and your needs. It is advised to avoid discounting the surface type or shape. You may end up paying more if you invest in the material that isn’t the “right fit”. You can consult our professionals to get more information as well as advice on choosing the right material.

PRINTER & LABEL QUALITY: You must prioritize this factor if your label requires to be printed on product packaging within a specific amount of time. The label material that you choose and use holds a direct correlation with the print speed. If you are looking for fast printing, you will want to increase the darkness for a better barcode. Using high-grade ribbons uses more energy and ink as the print darkness should be incredible with higher print speed.

Now that we’ve covered all the amazing factors you should consider when choosing the right UPC labelsConsult our professionals at Label Mart.

We at Labelmart take immense pride in providing our customers with a range of exceptional labeling solutions. We bring you custom labels on rolls and high-quality labels made just for your needs.