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Creative Labeling Solutions Help Retailers Solve Merchandising Challenges

January 25, 2021
By Ashley Stewart

Working through the challenges presented by a demanding supply chain

Products go through a lot of wear and tear from manufacturing through the supply chain and eventually into the hands of the customer. In the retail store, products can be picked up and handled numerous times before arriving at the point of sale. Whether it is being handled by customers or your staff during restocking, products need to be durable enough to withstand this beating long enough to survive the full supply chain and through the full lifecycle of the product’s use by the consumer. Labels are no different. Every product needs a label of some kind for branding, to relay product information or pricing, or to provide other instruction to the consumer. Labels that cannot stand up to the same wear and tear as the products they adorn create challenges for manufacturers, distributors and retailers alike. Products without sufficient labeling could result in customer satisfaction problems, stocking and pricing errors, or leave a lasting negative association with your brand in the customers’ minds. So how does a company solve for these challenges? High-quality and creative labeling solutions are a simple way to avoid critical merchandising and customer service pitfalls.

Who does this affect?

No industry is immune to these challenges. Industries that typically offer customers bulky or oddly shaped products often need to get creative to solve these product labeling and merchandising conundrums. One such industry is the Automotive industry. Imagine the rigors that large products like tires and rims go through when being moved from truck, to warehouse, and to the shelf. Moving and displaying large items is a challenge that can be overcome with high quality hang tags that will resist tearing or smearing.

Every industry has its own unique product labeling challenges. In the food and beverage industry, different foods require different temperatures to remain safe to consume. Products are also exposed to repeated use and cleaning. Freezing foods is a common way to extend its shelf life safely, but a common issue with labels exposed to extremely cold temperatures is the integrity of the material or the adhesive. Without the right materials, labels exposed to a wide range of temperatures and the wear and tear of repeated use and cleaning will undoubtedly fail in some way.

No matter the labeling challenges you encounter, working with a label supplier that can work with you to develop creative solutions can significantly ease your product labeling pain points.

Creative Labeling Solutions for All Industries
Labelmart can work with virtually any industry to develop creative and effective labeling solutions.
Automotive Industry Hang Tags
Hang Tags are a great solution for labeling large auto parts and other auto related merchandise.

Benefits of Thoughtful and Creative Labeling Solutions

There are many benefits to using labeling that complements the type of product or display environment specific to your company. With labels that can withstand the unique rigors of your products, you will:

  • Have fewer labels to replace due to damage.
  • Free up space on the floor and shelving with more efficient displays
  • Create a better shopping experience for customers, reducing the time needed to locate items or identify product details or pricing.
  • More quickly develop a positive relationship between brand and consumer.


Finding the Right Label Partner

With so many labeling options out there to choose from, it can be a daunting task to find the right partner for your product labeling needs. Labelmart understands the challenges of businesses small and large and offers a wide range of common labeling solutions, as well as many custom shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Customer service is a priority for Labelmart. We take pride in delivering eye-catching products and providing flexibility, exceptional high-touch customer service, and experienced and innovative problem-solving abilities. We take an entrepreneurial approach to our work, which allows us to be nimble, accept smaller minimum order quantities than other larger label manufacturers and execute quick turnarounds.

Getting started with Labelmart is simple. Contact our team of labeling experts to share your labeling challenges and needs and we will get you a detailed quote quickly!

Doing Business With Labelmart

The Labelmart team is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality labels for small, mid-size and large businesses.

We’ll not only deliver an eye-catching product that dazzles but also provide flexibility, exceptional high-touch customer service, experienced and innovative problem-solving abilities, quick turns, and we accept smaller MOQ’s than other larger label manufacturers.

We’re here to help you tell your story by tailoring our capabilities to fulfill your unique needs. We provide custom labels that best represent and showcase your products.

Wondering whether we could accommodate your project needs? Simply ask. It’s very likely we can.


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