Creating Custom Labels for Beer Cans

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March 28, 2024


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For your product to stand out on the shelf is integral for success. Creating custom labels for beverages like beer is a perfect opportunity to showcase the brand values and identity. This helps your business share its store and identity and captivates the attention of discerning customers. Read on to understand customer labels, their significance in the food & beverage industry, their benefits for beer brands and helpful tips for crafting compelling custom labels.


Custom-made labels for beer cans are uniquely designed to showcase your brand’s personality and the essence of a brewery brand. Unlike general labels that lack value character and make it easy for customers to mistake your product for others, custom labels enable businesses to express their creativity and connect with the target audience. This unique combination of graphics, colors and fonts aligns with your brand’s vision. 


Brand Recognition

Custom-made labels make a perfect choice for beer brands as they help craft a visual identity. With unique labels, you can establish consistent branding, infusing building recognition and a sense of loyalty amongst buyers. Therefore, whenever someone spots your product or label, they will instantly remember your brand.

Storytelling & Distinction 

Every business has a story to share; it includes the brewing procedure, qualities that make the beer different than other similar products and the founder’s journey. Custom labels offer a clean canvas for brewers to tell their stories appealingly. By showcasing what makes your product unique, breweries can make themselves look distinct even in a crowded market and leave a lasting impression.

Customer Engagement   

Engaging customers is more than just the beer taste; it involves building an emotional connection. Custom labels for beer should be interactive and encourage consumers to scan QR Codes to gain more information about the brand, product, and offers, participate in contests, or share their experience. Labels that engage consumers help build a community around the brand while enhancing visibility.


Beer brands often play around with different recipes and limited-edition launches. Custom labels enable your business to adapt its branding strategy to fit right with themes, collaboration and seasonal releases. This adaptability allows breweries to keep their product fresh and enticing, catering to various customer preferences.

Compliance & Information 

Creativity is paramount, and custom labeling helps with practical purposes. They comply with regulatory standards by exhibiting required information such as ingredients, alcohol content and health warnings. Custom labels allow breweries to display this information aesthetically appealingly, aligning with the overall design.


1.Better Visibility 

In the sea of beer cans, custom-made labels serve as buoys, drawing attention towards the product. Captivating and bold designs help your product stand out, even on crowded store shelves, instilling a sense of curiosity among the target audience.

2.Lasting Impression  

A memorable labeling design leaves a strong positive impression on your customers. When they associate with your brand via a unique label, they are more likely to come back to buy the product, adding to the long-term brand success.

3.Market Distinction 

Custom labeling allows your brewery to stand ahead of the competitors. In the current market that is swarmed with options, having a distinct visual identity helps beer brands set their niche and drive the target audience they strive to reach and sell.

4.Brand Loyalty & Trust 

Customers often build emotional connections with businesses that make them feel comfortable. Custom labels help form this connection, creating trust and loyalty between the brand and its customers. When the customers feel a personal bond with a brand, they are more likely to remain loyal.

5.Efficient Tool

Custom labels play a decisive role as a marketing tool. They are visually appealing and have the potential to generate buzz on social media and during events. A uniquely crafted, shareable and social media-worthy label can help improve your brand’s reach, drawing new customers and creating major hype for your latest releases.


1.Know Your Brand Values

Before creating your label design, you must know everything about your brand. What qualities does your brand possess? What makes your product different from others? What story do you want to share? Understanding this will help you create a compelling label that exhibits the aspects above and sits well with your target audience.

2.Consider Material & Size 

The label’s size and material are paramount, so you must ensure that the material is ideal for the conditions your beer will be exposed to. Therefore, the label size should be considered, ensuring that it complements the can’s dimensions without overloading the design.

3.Check Readability  

Creativity and aesthetics play a crucial role. It is advised to add important information like beer name, brand logo and regulatory details and ensure they are readable. Utilize colors and fonts that are clean and readable in different conditions.

4.Share Your Story 

Showcase your label as a storytelling medium, share your brand’s journey, tell the inspiration behind the idea and what makes your procedure unique. A compelling story makes your brand appear bold and resonates with customers on a personal level.

5.Create Professional Design 

If design isn’t your forte, consider hiring a professional designer with ample experience in the industry and branding. A well-executed design can upgrade your brand image, convey professionalism and ensure your label effectively shares your message.  


Custom labels for beer cans are a creative outlet and a strategic tool for building a solid brand presence in a competitive market. By understanding the significance of custom labels and leveraging their benefits, breweries can establish a unique identity, foster consumer loyalty and ultimately thrive in the dynamic world of craft brewing. With the right tips, breweries can create custom labels that adorn their beer cans and tell a compelling story that resonates with beer enthusiasts worldwide.

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