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Benefits of Tamper Proof Labels

July 20, 2022
By Ben Kaplan and Scott Kornblatt

In today’s world, tamper-proof labels are a necessity for safety and security measures for businesses and consumers alike. These types of labels keep consumers at ease, reassuring them that products contained within a tamper-proof labeled package are safe. Not only for consumers but it also provides peace of mind to many industries where tampering can lead to dangerous products, flawed research, loss of revenue, brand perception damage, and more. There are several benefits of tamper-proof packaging that allow for higher levels of brand loyalty and more frequent visits. With various creative labeling options available, you need to choose a label line that covers all of your packaging needs.

What is Tamper-proof labeling?

Tamper-proof labels ensure the safety of unopened products. Without it, manufacturers may have to recall an entire shipment, or multiple shipments if products appear to be compromised. However, when you have physical evidence of which products have been tampered with, those items can be identified easily and removed from the supply chain much more easily, saving you time and money.

We will be discussing various benefits of tamper-proof labels and why they are being used across many industries in recent times.

Benefits of Tamper-proof labels

Security & Safety

The need for tamper-evident labels arose for a variety of reasons but most importantly to ensure the safety and security of products when they reach the consumer. Whether the product is food, medication or a piece of equipment, buyers want to be sure that their purchase is intact and untouched.

Quality Control

One responsibility of any quality control team is to ensure that all the companies they work with, meet a rigorous standard for sourcing, manufacturing and shipping. Using tamper-proof labels at every step in your supply chain ensures that both raw materials and finished products remain safe.

Increased Customer Loyalty

A company probably already focuses on how package design can entice shoppers to select their product over its competitors. What might be less obvious is the role of safety measures in buying decisions. Consider how an ice-cream tub with a thick tamper-evident seal around the rim looks compared to another brand without a seal. Consumers are more likely to trust products that prove a commitment to health and safety when it comes to food and over-the-counter medicines or supplements.

Protection of Consumers

Taking preventive measures against damage and contamination to your products is advantageous for you and your consumers. It reflects you have a safety-first approach towards your manufacturing and logistics that builds stronger relationships over time. Tamper-proof packaging and labeling can protect your e-commerce customers and can ensure that safety concerns don’t factor in people’s buying decisions.

Ease of Use

Another benefit of tamper-proof security labels is that they are quite easy to use. They are simple to apply on most production lines, but once they are on the product, they are exceedingly difficult or impossible to remove without damaging the label. As the materials for this label are not readily available to the general public, it is difficult to be replicated by way of frauds or scams.

Financially Profitable

Low-quality, non-tamper-resistant packaging is less durable and does not offer high protection. If you use it to secure your package before shipping or delivery, you may need more packaging to ensure it stays intact during transit. By using less material to secure your products, you’ll benefit from an environmentally sustainable packaging option and save money. The superior packaging will also result in less product loss and also prevent theft during delivery. 

Tamper-proof and tamper-evident labeling & packaging is essential for consumer safety, whether you’re in pharmaceuticals, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or durable goods.  

Labelmart has been helping many companies meet or exceed performance safety with tamper-proof technology of labeling production that can benefit your business. Discover more about the solutions we have provided to various companies and contact us to discuss any custom labeling applications you have. We’re always eager to help companies increase package security and brand integrity.

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