All About Pressure Sensitive Labels: Your Complete Guide

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August 10, 2023


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Nowadays, in a highly competitive market, it is important to focus on making your product labeling effective for drawing customers’ attention. Pressure-sensitive labels gained immense popularity due to their versatility and efficiency across industries. They are a simple yet strong tool for improving the brand’s visibility, conveying product information, and making your goods distinguishable on store shelves.

What are Pressure-Sensitive Labels?

Pressure-sensitive labels – otherwise called ‘Self-Adhesive Labels’ are one of the labels that are applied to surfaces upon pressure application. They come bearing three elements: face stock, an adhesive layer and a release liner. The face stock is a printable surface that can be personalized with brand logos, barcodes, product information and vibrant designs. The adhesive layer allows the label to stick to different applications, which include plastic, glass, cardboard and metal. The release liner protects the adhesive until it is ready.

What are the benefits of Pressure-Sensitive Labels?

While there are myriad advantages; listed below are the top five:

  1. Versatility: Pressure-sensitive labels adhere to various surfaces, making them ideal for different industry applications.
  2. Efficiency: They can be applied to any surface quickly and easily, manually or by using automated labeling machines. They help save time and labor expenses.
  3. No Help Required For Activation: Pressure-sensitive labels don’t require heat, water or solvent for activation. They simplify the labeling procedure and any potential complications.
  4. Durable & Resilient: These labels can resist abrasion, moisture, fading, and whatnot – ensuring long-lasting visibility and legibility.
  5. Brand Enhancement: You can order custom pressure-sensitive labels for extensive design flexibility; this helps businesses create captivating and unique labels that reinforce brand identity and draw customer attention.

Pressure-sensitive labels provide ease of use and durability, and these customizable options help make excellent choices for businesses across various industries.

Who Can Use Pressure-Sensitive Labels?

Pressure-sensitive labels are used by various businesses across industries; some of the common segments that heavily rely on these are as follows:

Food & Beverage: From packaged foods to beverages, pressure-sensitive labels help exhibit nutritional information, promotional message and branding elements.

Pharmaceutical: Over The Counter Drugs, Prescription Medicines and medical supplies – all use pressure-sensitive labels for conveying important information, dosage instructions and safety warning.

Personal Care & Cosmetics: Products like toiletries, skincare items and cosmetics use pressure-sensitive labels to exhibit ingredients, branding, regulatory information and usage instructions.

Logistics & Shipping: Pressure-sensitive labels play an essential role in inventory management, labeling and tracking packages for shipping as well as logistics.

Household Goods: Cleaning supplies, home appliances and other household goods use pressure-sensitive labels for safety instructions, branding and product information.

How do they work?

Pressure-sensitive labels work in a simple yet effective mechanism that allows them to adhere to the surface upon applying pressure. This involves three components (as mentioned earlier) –Face stock, adhesive layer, and the release liner.

Read on to understand the procedure:

Face Stock: Visible surface of the label that is often printed with product information, brand logo, barcodes and designs. They are typically constructed using paper, film, or synthetic materials based on labels’ durability and application requirements.

Adhesive Layer: These adhesive layers are applied to the back of the face stock and are responsible for the label’s ability to stick to different applications. The adhesive is a blend of tackiness and cohesion, which allows them to stay securely upon pressure.

Release Liner: They serve as a protective layer for adhesive until the label is ready to be applied to the surface. They are typically made of silicone-coated paper or film and can be removed during labeling.

The release liner is peeled off for pressure–sensitive labels, exposing the adhesive layer. The layer can be applied to the desired surface, and pressure is applied manually or automatically.

Understand the Importance of Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Listed below are key reasons why pressure-sensitive labels are important:

Flexibility: Pressure-sensitive labels can be applied to a variety of surfaces, which includes metal, glass, plastic and paper. They adhere both to flat and curved surfaces, making them versatile for different types and shapes.

Easy Application: These labels are easy to apply – as they simply need the pressure to stick to a surface. No additional water, heat or solvents are necessary, making the labeling procedure quick and efficient. Their ease of application leads to better productivity and reduced downtime in manufacturing operations.

Durability: Pressure-sensitive labels are designed to withstand different environmental conditions; this includes temperature fluctuations, moisture and exposure to chemicals or UV lights. They are highly resistant to abrasion, smudging and fading, ensuring label readability and longevity throughout the lifecycle.

Customizability: Pressure-sensitive labels can be personalized to meet certain branding and product identification requirements. They can be printed in various sizes, colors and shapes – allowing businesses to create eye-catching designs and add essential product information.

Affordability: Pressure-sensitive labels reduce any need for additional labeling equipment. They provide cost-saving solutions by eliminating labor requirements and improving production speed. Their flexible to print labels on-demand helps reduce inventory costs with pre-printed labels.


Pressure-sensitive labels find extensive usage in various industries, including food & beverage, personal care, pharmaceuticals, household goods and logistics. They help brand owners to craft captivating and eye-catching designs and meet regulatory needs efficiently.

In summary, pressure-sensitive labels are versatile, visually appealing and user-friendly labeling solutions that play a key role in product packaging and brand promotion. Their ability to adhere to various applications that withstand complex environmental conditions make them a perfect business choice.


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